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Special Edition #1: Phil Keaggy Uncut! with Rex Paul and John J. Thompson (Happy Birthday Phil!)

SPECIAL EDITION #1: Happy Birthday Phil Keaggy! – Listen to the uncut conversation between Phil Keaggy, Rex Paul and host John J. Thompson, conducted shortly before the release of their blistering rock project, Illumination, last year. How did a piece of long lost tape and 20 seconds of audio from fifty years ago become a whole new song? How does an artist as accomplished as Keaggy approach life as an indie? How does collaboration speak into his work after all these years?

You heard some short clips of this on the Pilot episode of the podcast last year, but now you get to hear the whole conversation in honor of Phil’s birthday AND to mark his 50 years in the faith. We all seem to have some more “Time” on our hands these days. Use yours wisely. Phil Keaggy sure has. (Includes excellent advice for up and coming artists and producers!) 

This uncut interview is also a sneak peek of what's coming for folks who join our patron program. There's a lot more where this came from. 

Episode Seven (Steve Taylor, Lost Dogs, The Innocence Mission)

On this episode we visit with artist, songwriter, producer, film-maker, and now teacher, Steve Taylor to talk about telling better stories, and telling stories better. Plus we take a look at The Lost Dogs' classic 1993 album Little Red Riding Hood and The Innocence Mission's brand new release See You Tomorrow on the Jukebox. We also get an advance listen to a brand new cut from Terry Scott Taylor's forthcoming LP. 

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Episode Six (Eddie DeGarmo, Best Albums of 2019, Brian Healy Tribute)

On this episode of the True Tunes Podcast host John J. Thompson visits with pioneering artist and music industry leader Eddie DeGarmo for a wide-ranging conversation. We also take a look back at some of the best albums of 2019 and give a toast to our good friend Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome, who passed away suddenly.

Episode Five (Michael McDermott, John J. Thompson, After The Fire, Avett Brothers)

In Part Two of our True Tunes 30 Year Reunion coverage we listen in on JJT’s conversation with singer songwriter Michael McDermott, and Jeff Elbel’s interview of JJT, plus we get After The Fire and Avett brothers on the Jukebox.


Episode Four (30 Year Reunion, Part 1: Glenn Kaiser & Jeff Elbel, plus Sheryl Crow & Randy Stonehill)

The original True Tunes opened in June of 1989, and in the summer of 2019 a group of friends – including Glenn Kaiser, Michael McDermott, Jeff Elbel, Josiah Viland, and The Wayside, gathered in the Chicago area to celebrate that 30 Year Anniversary and to talk about new all-new True Tunes as well. On Episode Four of the True Tunes Podcast we re-visit that gathering with excerpts from the conversations with Jesus Music pioneer, Glenn Kaiser, and rock journalist for the Illinois Entertainer and the Chicago Sun Times, Jeff Elbel. (Don’t worry, the rest will be included in Part 2, coming soon!) In the Jukebox we take a listen to Threads, the brand new album by Sheryl Crow, and the 1976 classic Welcome To Paradiseby Randy Stonehill.

Episode Three (Christa Wells, Sam Phillips, DeGarmo & Key)

Host John J. Thompson talks with independent singer, songwriter Christa Wells and reflects on the latest album by Sam Phillips (World On Sticks) and the 1979 classic, Straight On, by DeGarmo and Key on the True Tunes Jukebox. Listeners also get a sneak peek at a song from the upcoming film Electric Jesus and a listen to a song from the very first performance by The 77s in 1979 (as The Scratch Band) in honor of their 40th Anniversary! 

Episode Two (Tommee Profitt, Bourgeois Tagg)

Tommee Profitt may not be a "household name," but you've heard his music. As the producer and co-writer of hit rapper NF's music, and as the composer and producer behind some of the most successful film and TV music out there, Profitt has been quietly - and not so quietly - finding a new way to be successful in today's music scene. And it all started by giving up on a dream. This episode also looks back on two of the greatest pop records of the 80s by one of the most under-appreciated bands of the modern era, Bourgeois Tagg. 

Episode One (Charlie Peacock)

Grammy Award winning producer, songwriter, and artist Charlie Peacock has worked with artists like Civil Wars, Switchfoot, Ruby Amanfu, and others, and his songs have been recorded by Amy Grant, dc Talk, Bela Fleck and more, but back when True Tunes' founder John J Thompson was just getting his idea out of the blocks Charlie was one of his favorite artists and deepest inspirations. One night, at the Cornerstone Festival in 1989, Charlie offered John some advice that shaped his life and work in profound ways. Recently, 30 years on since that initial meeting, the two got back together to talk about music, theology, success, and the unnecessary limitations many artists place on themselves.

The "Jukebox" feature takes a look at Charlie's 1984 album Lie Down In The Grass and The Raconteurs' newest, Help Us Stranger, and the News feature explores Buddy & Julie Miller, The Beatles, and Ireland's Inhaler. 

True Tunes Podcast Pilot (Phil Keaggy)

Welcome to the TRUE TUNES PODCAST! 

True Tunes is a newly re-started conversation about the search for, and celebration of, the good, the true, and the beautiful in music and culture, wherever it can be found. Listen in as founder, author, and music industry vet John J. Thompson stirs the pot with artists, producers, songwriters, and music industry leaders, in search of fresh vision and helpful information for artists and fans.


This “Pilot Episode” unveils the scope and vision of this new venture, offers a sneak peek of several interviews in store for Season One, and includes examples of the music, reviews, and content that will be featured in every forthcoming episode.


You’ll hear clips of interviews with Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few and Spyglass Blue, singer-songwriters Christa Wells and Hannah Miller, Artist, filmmaker, and professor, Steve Taylor, Artist, songwriter, and Grammy award winning producer, Charlie Peacock, multi-platinum rock band POD’s Sonny Sandoval, veteran artist Randy Stonehill, and from the True Tunes vaults – never heard audio from Larry Norman and Rich Mullins.


There is also a clip of the upcoming conversation with guitar legend Phil Keaggy and a slew of Keaggy song clips throughout the show.


Each episode of the True Tunes Podcast will feature the following features

  • Dancing About Architecture (Conversations)
  • True Tunes News (News and Industry Developments)
  • True Tunes Jukebox (Exploring One Classic Album and One New Album)
  • JJT’s Soapbox (Commentary / Editorial)




The following songs are featured in this pilot episode:


Full Circle (2019 version) - Phil Keaggy and Rex Paul (Illumination)

Phil’s On - Keaggy / Levin / Marotta (The Bucket List)

I Love You #19 - Daniel Amos (Horrendous Disc Deluxe Reissue)

Good Stuff - Keaggy / Levin / Marotta (The Bucket List)

Joyphil - Phil Keaggy (Jammed!)

Cayenne Loop - Phil Keaggy (Roundabout)

Sometimes 11 - Keaggy / Levin / Marotta (The Bucket List)

Whatever Life Demands - Phil Keaggy (Zion)

Steely Funk - Keaggy / Levin / Marotta (The Bucket List)

Sometimes We Up - Keaggy / Levin / Marotta (The Bucket List)

Just Where It’s At Tonight - Moral Support

How the Kids Are Feelin’ - Moral Support

Sin - Moral Support

To Know You - Moral Support

Cyan City - Moral Support

Rejoice - Phil Keaggy (What a Day)

J-Loop - Phil Keaggy (Roundabout)

Watt Ever - Phil Keaggy (Zion)

Time (new version) - Phil Keaggy and Rex Paul

I Believe - Phil Keaggy and Rex Paul

Stigotit - Phil Keaggy (Backroom Trax Vol. 3)

Altar Boys - When You’re a Rebel (When You’re a Rebel)

Kegworth Speaks - Phil Keaggy (Jammed!)

Is It Going - Phil Keaggy (Roundabout)

Ruach - Phil Keaggy & Kyle Jones (Numen)

Ziggurat - Phil Keaggy & Kyle Jones (Numen)

Noah’s Shuffle - Phil Keaggy (The Song Within)


All songs are used by permission and / or under fair use provisions when used in context (reviews, news, etc.) Thanks to the artists and songwriters who have allowed us to use their music! Please support the music and musicians you love!


Phil Keaggy’s music is available at

Daniel Amos’ music is available at


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